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Estevan - Grobbelaar: Sales & Quality Manager 072 757 7246 You can ask any person owning a fleet of vehicles or running a logistic company, when it comes to fuel management and fleet control, if you don’t manage it you are going to loose a lot of capital. The main function of fleet management was originally for fleet managers and fleet owners in Africa to monitor precisely where their vehicles go and if they are driven correctly. Having control over drivers by monitoring the driver’s behavior has saved fleet and logistics companies a lot in fleet vehicle maintenance but unfortunately there was no easy way to prevent fuel theft. During the past 8 years Digit’s fleet and fuel management system has perfected fuel monitoring and diesel theft notification. Not just on fleet vehicles and for fleet managers but we have now expanded into fuel monitoring Depot Diesel Bowsers and big fuel storage at the company premises. No matter the size of your fleet or vehicles.


Hartbeespoort, North West
South Africa

Covers all of the North West

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