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At Green Green we offer high quality recycled products at factory prices, directly to you. We believe in preserving our environment for the future by using recycled plastics and save some trees from being cut down! Our products are useful at various venues including municipalities, golf courses, horse-race tracks and stables, beach fronts and holiday resorts, estates, schools and universities, sport facilities, nurseries, conference centers, hotels, mining, factories and workshops, super markets, building industry, freight services and exporting, estates, courier companies, retail stores, restaurants, pubs, private residences, hospitals & parks. Recycled Plastic Products The material we use to manufacture these unique recycled plastic products are mainly from used supermarket bags, empty used cold drink and milk bottles with their lids; as well as empty used plastic 20L and 25L containers. All our recycled plastic products have a longer life-span than their wood counter parts. It is washable, cheap and easy to disinfect or clean. No nails or splinters, freezer friendly, stronger than wood, looks neat and tidy and are free from insects and termites, UV treated and inflammable. Jungle Gyms: Our unique jungle gyms & slides are found in parks, resorts, schools, playgrounds and backyards. The slide may be flat, or half cylindrical or tubular to prevent falls. Slides are usually constructed of plastic or metal and they have a smooth surface that is either straight or wavy. We offer a variety of choices for you to build the slide/jungle gym of your choice! Artificial Grass: Yet again a truly South African manufactured product that offers exceptional quality. Suitable for household gardens, playgrounds, sport stadiums both indoor and outdoor, golf greens, hotels, holiday resorts and lots more. Manufactured for different usage, length and consumer tastes. The grass is extensively tested in order to be UV stable up to 6 years. It looks like grass but it is simply better and it is also eco-friendly. There is no need to combat weeds or insects with chemicals. No expensive equipment needed to maintain the grass, it also needs no water or fertilisers. It is always neat and tidy and there is no disturbance of guests through watering and lawn-mowing. Decking: We manufacture decking from recycled plastic. The material are mainly from used supermarket bags, empty used cold drink and milk bottles with their lids as well as empty used plastic 20L and 25L containers. Vinyl Floors: Products are engineered for maximum-wear resistance and longevity. With a guaranteed light duty 5 years for industrial use. A guaranteed light duty for 10 years of household use. Guaranteed heavy duty of 10 years for industrial use and guaranteed heavy duty of 15 years household use. The benefit of vinyl floors is that it looks modern, is neat and natural. Easy to clean with limited water and chemical usage, long life over the whole surface, is water resistant thus it is ideal to use in bathrooms and kitchens.


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