At People Connect Group we are passionate about entrepreneurs. It is our passion to help connect small businesses to their local clients. Our aim is to empower small-scale businesses to grow. And therefore uplift communities, tackle poverty and unemployment and strengthen the quality of life in poor areas. Inspiring happiness and hope for all participating.


We have helped over 50 small businesses owners since our launch in September 2018 with free logo & FaceBook page creation, free graphic design for advertisements and free listing creations.


This directly gives our entrepreneurs more exposure for their businesses, by having an online presence, and by reaching a larger audience.



Saneliswe is a kindergarten teacher, and mother of two young boys. In her spare-time she sells health supplements to support her family. 



Craig is a waiter at a restaurant in Johannesburg. He runs a small catering and events company on the side, to create an additional income to support his family. 



SFAD has seen incredible growth for their business since having free advertising on the People Connect Group site. They are particularly impressed with our Search Engine Optimisation - and Tinyiko wrote a glowing reference for us to say how much business they've receive from Google monthly. 



P&S Holdings was started by Portia, making atchar to clients in her local area. Her business has now grown and also expanded into selling fresh eggs. 


We have many many more examples of great entrepreneurs who benefited greatly from our social development drives. 



From April 2019, we will reach an audience of 1 million people weekly through our extensive campaigns with BrandXPand & Jacaranda FM.


By taking hands with sponsors from SME’s and large corporates in South Africa, we strive to make a difference for SME’s.


We are proud to buy and support local. For more info on getting involved as a SPONSOR and on helping make a difference - contact us at